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TFG’s ‘We Make Power Moves’ Stimulates Breakthroughs in All Aspects of Life

Making power moves isn’t about standing on your own and acting like you have it all together in the eyes of the public. Making power moves is about having a powerful team of experts around you that will help you to tap into your true greatness.

To help you make truly impactful steps towards greatness, Training for Greatness (TFG365 TV) has developed a program that will help you with professional and business development. We Make Power Moves (WMPM) features a 7-day challenge, a 1-day boot camp, a publication and a podcast.

WMPM is about creating a space for you to develop holistically. Many people think it is a badge of honor to try and do all things on their own; however, if you check the history of the most powerful men and women of the world, you will see that they all had a team of experts and other like-minded people around them.

The multi-faceted approach that WMPM will take will help people to deal with those often-neglected key areas for sustainable development. 2020 has revealed to us all the need to cover all bases because that which is not fortified during a crisis will not last.

Considering this reality, all are invited to be a part of this community that helps you on your journey to greatness. WMPM will help you to build strength, mental toughness, and wealth in all seasons. You will be challenged daily to analyze your strengths and see where you need assistance.

When you subscribe to the program, you will have access to experts that are specialists in the areas covered on each day of the challenge. These specialists will guide you through raw and, at times, uncomfortable conversations about your emotional well-being, financial standing, and physical health. The WMPM boot camp incorporates several assessments and/or audits to help with this process and to help the experts to position you to make power moves.

Private sessions will be available for our Exclusive VIP members.

Training for Greatness strongly believes that it is a shame to lead a mediocre life when greatness is just a decision away. Staying connected to TFG365 TV even beyond this program will help to nurture the transformation that you will experience during the WMPM sessions.

We value your privacy and your efforts to manage your image. Considering this, we do not disclose our client roster to the public. We are more concerned about the wellbeing of our participants and clients than we are about leveraging their names for marketing purposes.

Get registered today and let’s MAKE POWER MOVES.