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Playbook for Barbers Workshops: Teaching Barbers and Barbershop Owners How to Achieve Greatness

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Training for Greatness and Draft Picks Barbershop has partnered to add tremendous value to barbering.

Neighborhood barbershops have grown in popularity over the last few years. They are on pace to becoming a $26 billion industry by the close of this year, according to MindBody Business; however, some barbers are still without the necessary tools and skills to maximize their potential.

Unfortunately, there are many barbers who have skills with clippers but are failing in other areas of business. They lack professionalism, communication skills, time management, social media presence and other critical things.

Training for Greatness (TFG) along with Draft Picks recognize the importance of athletes learning how to be successful in the public view and in private. The owner of TFG, Yannick Jackson, and the owner of Draft Picks Barbershop have both worked with high-level athletes and celebrities.

The wealth of experience that both entities have will empower barbers to grow their brands. Barbers who participate in the Playbook for Barbers Workshops will learn professional development, contact management system and networking.

We are inviting you to attend these powerful workshops. What you will learn in these sessions will help you to strengthen your client base and increase the profitability of your business.

This training will be available via monthly subscription exclusively to barbers and barbershop owners.

Sign up today and position your business for a more lucrative future.