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The Journey to Greatness is an audible series featuring team members and guest experts within the Training for Greatness network.


Anthony Ryan Grant, a TV actor and content creator was interviewed. His main message was that we should take every opportunity as a privilege. This episode will give you a perspective of opportunities that will help you to succeed.

Salua Jackson, a professional actress, singer and TFG correspondent, shared valuable gems in the episode where she was interviewed. She encouraged all who are on the journey to greatness to be fearless as they press towards their dreams. This episode gives practical steps on how to overcome the fear that so easily keeps us from the life we want.

In another episode, Lydia Eku shared the necessity of keeping the faith on the journey to greatness. This episode challenges listeners to keep moving even though they cannot tangibly see the evidence of their efforts.

Training for Greatness is all about your success. If you are serious about achieving the life that you want, we highly recommend that you check out the other stories featured in this series.