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TFG Makes it Possible for Essential Workers and Others to Have Meaningful M.E. Time

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about an increase in stress levels among essential workers. Things such as exercise, sleep, self-care, and social support are all necessary to alleviate this challenge, but without the proper support, it is challenging to consistently attend to these. Training for Greatness (TFG365 TV) has created a program to offer you the support and relevant guidance you need to care for your health holistically.

The program is called M.E. Time. This program provides essential workers with mental and emotional health exercises to increase their resilience. Each subscriber will be able to practice their verbal and non-verbal communication skills plus go through a drill that requires them to exercise emotional intelligence and control their anger.

You will have the options of a private session, group session or you can subscribe to a plan. By participating in these programs, you will be able to reverse the effects of COVID-19. You will also have the requisite tools and fortitude to deal with future stressful events.

Register today and secure your seat on this ride to optimum health.