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Grow, Glow and Achieve Greatness Like A Pro with The Yannick Show

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

If you really know Yannick, then you can appreciate the attempt to rhyme in the headline and close this sentence with an emoji. 不不

Now, for the first time ever, The Yannick Show will be available

exclusively on TFG365 TV starting 1/5/2020 at 7:00 am ET. Sorry, Spotify and Apple Podcast!!

Yannick Jackson is known as a woman of class, ambition, and great heart. Her passion has always been to see others excel in life. Yannick's desire to help others has led her to create opportunities for people to connect, regroup and excel in their profession.

Yannick has produced countless programs on a local and international level. After years of running things behind the scenes, Yannick finally submitted to the eager requests of her peers and clients to start her own podcast show.

Yannick is a certified coach and trainer for the John Maxwell Group. Plus, a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in professional and business development. With her powerful voice, resourcefulness and abundant experience, Yannick has developed quite a reputation for herself and has been compared to the likes of Oprah. Her excellence in media and philanthropy are two traits that make the comparison totally accurate.

The Yannick Show will help listeners to operate in their power, explore a healthy work-life balance, and to achieve greatness in all that they do. You will find this show to be fun, refreshing, and realistic as all the shows produced by Yannick and her team.

Yannick desires to see you win. Tune in to The Yannick Show and the other programs aired on

- TFG Team

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