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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Connect with Your Loved Ones and Monitor Your Property in Jamaica with Rudy Knows Jamaica.

Isn’t it comforting to know exactly what’s happening with your property and/or family members in Jamaica? The current pandemic has made the process of checking up on the people you love from the island and property a tedious task. The observation of this is what led Yannick Jackson, CEO of Training For Greatness (TFG), to partner with Rudy Knows Jamaica to bring you a service that will provide peace of mind.

With Rudy Knows Jamaica, you will be able to have someone physically visit your loved ones or property in Jamaica on your behalf. You will receive pictures and videos of your relatives and/or property to ensure that you are visually updated.

Yannick teamed up with Rudy Knows Jamaica to offer special rates to TFG subscribers because of her own personal experience. On her last visit to Jamaica, she developed a relationship with the owner of Rudy Knows Jamaica. He helped her to get around the island while she was there. She had planned to visit her godfather in Kingston but was not able to because she could not get through to him on the phone. After returning to the US, Yannick hired Rudy Knows Jamaica to check on her godfather. Rudy was able to fulfill the request in only two days. Unfortunately, the report was a sad one. The reason Yannick was not able to get through to her godfather is that he had died a month before she visited Jamaica.

“Even though it was not the news I wanted to hear, it gave me peace of mind to know why we didn’t receive a returned call, letter or receipt of payment when we sent money to him via Western Union.”

You too can experience peace of mind knowing what is happening with your relatives and your property while abroad. Use Rudy Knows Jamaica today and stay in the loop.