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Training for Greatness (TFG365 TV): A Channel for Those Reaching for Greatness

TFG365 TV is your source of information for professional and business development. The
online channel offers a unique yet balanced mixture of fun, thought-provoking discussions,
and empowering content. The many experts featured on programs aired on TFG can be of
great help to you if you need one-on-one consultation or training.

Greatness is the passion of the team at Training for Greatness (TFG365 TV).  It is our
mission to assist rookies and top-level executives on their journey to experience their
desired success. Their many programs are strategically designed to encourage team
members, clients, and viewers to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

TFG originally started as a private coaching service for top-level executives who struggle with the demands of success, balancing family, and the secret challenges they face when alone with their thoughts.


The founder of TFG, Yannick Jackson, previously offered marketing services to new entrepreneurs and small businesses. She noticed a common trend among them that would later be the focus of TFG. Yannick noticed that the people she worked with felt like they were successful to the public, but were private failures; however, they were too embarrassed to seek help.  In place of resolving these issues, these people would pretend in the eyes of the public and suffer in silence.

TFG365TV was created to be a platform that keeps people motivated on their journey to
greatness. It is also geared towards reshaping the common misconception that there is
shame in seeking help. 

The resident content creators and professional actors at the station are DJ Mr. E, Anthony
Ryan Grant, Jamal S., Ebz B., Kelvin Laurore, Salua Jackson, Lydia Eku and Kelvin Laurore. The primary
shows of the channel are ‘We Make Power Moves’, ‘The Situation Lounge’, ‘TFG Kids’, ‘A
Vision for Workforce Diversity’, ‘The Journey to Greatness’, ‘On the Grind’, ‘Keep Pushing’,
‘The Refined Foody’, and ‘Rules of the Game’. 

TFG365 TV features a wide variety of guest experts to ensure that viewers receive holistic
development. Some of the guests include corporate counsellor, Kingsley Grant; minister and
educator, Andre Harrison; fitness expert, Craig Freeman; tax expert, Lissage Monbrun;
branding expert, André Barracks; communications specialist, Tiffani Knowles; forex
educator, Ralph Eyim-Danquah;  family therapist, Erica St. Bernard; and more.


It is a shame to lead a mediocre life when greatness is just a decision away. By staying
plugged in to TFG365 TV, your life will change. Bobby Unser once said that, “Success is where
preparation and opportunity meet."


TFG will help you to be prepared for those incredible opportunities.

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